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Byzantine Artefacts from Ephesos
A Catalogue

Author: Andrea M. PÜLZ
with a contribution by David Zs. SCHWARCZ and Marlies MÖRTH

62 Seiten | 18 x 24 cm  | Softcover | ENG | EUR 14,90 | ISBN: 978-3-903207-02-8
ET: 09/2017 


The perception of the Byzantine jewellery and dress accessories has until today primarily been determined by the luxury goods of gold and silver, although these represent only a minor part of the Byzantine artefacts. The objects introduced in this publication present a selection of the jewellery and dress accessories, as well as diverse crosses, found in and around Ephesos.

The material legacy of the Byzantine period includes, in addition to jewellery and dress accessories, amulets and other magical objects, lead seals, bread stamps, medicinal and cosmetic instruments, weighing scales and weights, writing utensils and work tools, as well as small-scale implements including various lighting devices, locks and keys. The materials used are equally varied: luxury goods were frequently produced from precious metals, ivory and silk. ›Ordinary‹ jewellery, in contrast, was generally made of nonferrous metal and glass.


Published with the support of the Gedächtnisstiftung PETER KAISER (1793–1864)| Vaduz - Principality Liechtenstein

Tags: archaeologia, buch.wissenschaft

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