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Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development (eds.)

Advancement through education, research and innovation

188 Pages with CD | Hardcover | 21 x 24 cm | EUR 32,00 | ISBN: 978-3-902976-35-2 | January 2015

The book:
This book analyses Austria’s big future challenges and deals with the various courses of action available within Austrian policy options. A vision for Austria in 2050 must provide an answer for how the country can best support the economic and social demands of its citizens and their life plans. The starting point for reflection is a positive vision as regards the position and performance of the Austrian national economy in the year 2050. The exogenous trends that can already be anticipated today are presented in detail and the consequences that they will have on Austria are deduced. What is undisputed is that Austria’s future is defined by these exogenous trends, but that it is absolutely possible to self-define the future with forward-looking policies. To this end, essential prerequisites for Austria’s top position in the world of 2050 must be created – these prerequisites are education, innovation and structural change.

The authors:
Christian Keuschnigg, Brigitte Ecker, Helmut Gassler, Helmut Hofer, Sebastian Koch, Hermann Kuschej, Lorenz Lassnigg, Christian Reiner, Richard Sellner, Edith Skriner, Stefan Vogtenhuber