Strategos21 - Leadership in Times of Change -eBook-

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eBook | Andrea Riemer | Strategos21 | Leadership in Times of Change
Erscheinungstermin: April 2012
160 Seiten | 23,5 x 16,3 cm | Softcover | EUR 19,00 | ISBN:

Strategy meets Art - Art meets Strategy
… A different kind of a dialog – because unusual times require even more unusual solutions. Turbulent times and upheavals request vehemently adapted strategies. And they request, they
even cry for new trajectories and new offers on how to proceed. Rollercoaster volatility requires different approaches, yet capable of living. Conversations with conductors such as Christian Thielemann, Franz Welser-Möst, Bertrand de Billy, Ingo Metzmacher and renowned directors such as Matthias Hartmann, Tobias Moretti, Claus Guth und Stefan Ruzowitzky served Andrea Riemer as a source of inspiration. She developed a new, up to date understanding of what strategy is all about. She offers a guideline on "New Strategic Leadership".
The Strategos21 is a thinking and reading book. It provides new ways on how to reason strategically in times of change and on leadership in turbulent times. It approaches reality step by step without being driven by reality. The proposed concept is neither a panacea nor apodictic and normative. It is based on conceptual jailbreaks, realizing no disciplinary barriers, whilst encompassing the full spectrum of the sciences.
The book is an offer for those leaders who take responsibility in the very leading position serious, who like to lead and, thereby, are searching for clarity and decidedness. It is a book, which embraces both, intellectuality and spirituality, aside well-known tracks. It puts symbiosis in the center.

… Simply because unusual times request unusual people with even more unusual solutions.

… Simply because being strategy is most likely one of the biggest challenges of our times.

Andrea Riemer
Has held a number of leading functions in the realms of strategy and security policy in public and private institutions in the past 15 years. She is a profound expert on strategic concepts on the global and international level. Andrea Riemer has been a permanent and vehement champion on interdisciplinary research and consulting work. Her interdisciplinary attitude and her truly intersectoral approach have been reflected in her publication and project oeuvre. Her scientific work has been guided by the leading societal challenges and not be so-called disciplinary requests. As a disciplinary border crosser she opened up new perspectives on the burning strategic issues of our times. The exchange between disciplines and the creative dialog between science and practical application have coined Riemer’s work since 20 years. Cross-disciplinary work gave her thoughts and concepts a very particular intellectual flavor. This flavor certainly is beyond so-called rightness. It may be labeled as off mainstream. For reason, she has been considered a true international pioneer in answering key questions in the realms of strategy and strategic leadership.