Quantum Leadership - Encountering the Other -eBook-

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Andrea Riemer

Quantum Leadership
Encountering the Other

80 Pages | 11,5 x 16 cm | Hardcover | EUR 8,99 | ISBN: 978-3-902868-73-2 | English |


"Encouragement, empowerment and compliments are the basis for successful self-leadership and for leading others successfully."
Today and tomorrow we live in times of change and turbulence. Nothing is safe and secure anymore. We have to look for a new understanding of what spacetime and time as such are all about. Organizations are deeply affected either. They are confronted with challenges on a daily basis. Flat hierarchies, softened structures and virtual teams shape an organization’s framework of action. Additionally, decisions often have to be done in a staccato manner embedded in a very complex environment. Finally, the leaderless public and media permanently request transparency. Leadership has become the buzz word of our times – management is not enough anymore – despite its importance. New combinations of capabilities are on top of the agenda. They form the basis for successful self-leadership and for leading others. QuantumLeadership. Encountering the Other proposes a way to cope with changed big and small situations, thereby still enjoying the moment – if you would like to do so. It is a fairy tale for grown-ups, who are interested in self-leadership and in leading others in an adequate way. It is a GPS through turbulent times. The book shows ways to consequently act target-oriented; it opens up options to view new perspectives for oneself and for others. Based on the leitmotif “Encouragement, empowerment and compliments are the basis for successful self-leadership and for leading others successfully” a number of basic principles, individual-level based guidelines and team-oriented recommendations are presented in a general way. Additionally, numerous examples from politics, economics, art, sports and the individual realm show the applicability of those principles, guidelines and recommendations.

Andrea Riemer is founder of Andrea Riemer, Company for Strategy&Leadership, Dean of Alma Mater Europaea of the European Academy of Sciences and Art and member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. She holds a doctorate in business administration, a Ph.D. in military technological sciences and a Dr. habil. in military sciences. Additionally, she is Hon. Assoc. Professor of the Hungarian Defense University and of the National University of Public Service (Budapest). She has held a number of leading functions in the realms of strategy and security policy in public and private institutions in the past 20 years. She is a profound expert on strategic concepts on the global and international level. Prof. Riemer has been a permanent and vehement champion on interdisciplinary research and consulting work. Her interdisciplinary attitude and her truly intersectoral approach have been reflected in her publication and project oeuvre.Her scientific work has been guided by the leading societal challenges and not be so-called disciplinary requests. Prof. Riemer has courageously transcended disciplinary borders to enlarge the spectrum of possible explanations for the key questions in her realm. As a disciplinary border crosser she opened up new perspectives on the burning strategic issues of our times. Moreover, Prof. Riemer has vigorously synthesized science and practical application. The exchange between disciplines and the creative dialog between science and practical application have coined Prof. Riemer’s work since 20 years. She molded her ideas and concepts by transcending borders and, thereby, gave her work a very particular intellectual flavor. This flavor certainly is beyond so-called rightness. It may be labeled as off mainstream. For reason, she has seen considered a true international pioneer in answering key questions in the realms of strategy and strategic leadership.