Municipal Development of Community Sport Facilities

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Rudolf LEBER
Municipal Development of Community Sport Facilities
from the Perspective of the City of Vienna

256 Pages | 14,8 x 21 cm | Softcover | EUR 35,00 | ISBN: 978-3-85493-205-5

This study analyses the factors influencing the sport and its impact on the education (school sports), the health sector, the latitude and competitive sport, socialization and integration. Particularly socialisation is of great importance for the civilising processes of mankind, which will eventually decide the future of that very mankind. Sport, which is crucial for socialisation, has gained, in general, much importance in society during the last few years. Thus, the construction of sport facilities and schools, and the funding of sport organisations and spot clubs are central to the municipal efforts. A next important step could be the realisation of educational and school projects, which form the focal point of this essay especially in regard to the sport municipal field. From today’s view and with the budget getting scarcer, sports, which require space, locations for facilities, and especially financial subsidies, of course have to compete with other municipal duties such as hospital administration, education social security, youth care and eldercare. In the future, it will therefore be a primary task for all those involved in this topic, to ensure that within this area of conflict of municipal challenges, especially sports in major cities, keep their significance in terms of its health, social and integrative aspects.