Byzantine Artefacts from Ephesos

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Byzantine Artefacts from Ephesos

A Catalogue


Andrea M. PÜLZ

with a contribution by David Zs. SCHWARCZ and Marlies MÖRTH


62 Seiten | 18 x 24 cm  | Softcover | ENG | EUR 14,90 | ISBN: 978-3-903207-02-8

ET: 09/2017 


The perception of the Byzantine jewellery and dress accessories has until today primarily been determined by the luxury goods of gold and silver, although these represent only a minor part of the Byzantine artefacts. The objects introduced in this publication present a selection of the jewellery and dress accessories, as well as diverse crosses, found in and around Ephesos. More...

Published with the support of the Gedächtnisstiftung PETER KAISER (1793–1864)| Vaduz - Principality Liechtenstein